EXCITED to announce Heartbreak Litter arriving April 18, 2019.  These puppies will be ready for new homes Mid-June 2019.

This litter will provide stunning and exceptional pups combining remarkable beauty, intelligence, and high talent and abilities!  Cross is Grand Champion Ziva, CGC, RN x Riley, CGC (multi-champion, national best head male titles by several show venues). Please contact me for additional information about these outstanding pups.  

Congratulations Karen – deposit received.

     2017 PUPS below are all placed in new homes.  Our pups are amazing!  Contact me for more information about one possibly joining your family.  Parent dogs are health cleared, proven, multi-titled champions for Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Herd Instinct, and CGC.  Health clearances with best results, normal/clear, and are also certified CHIC Program dogs with OFA.   Updates and news also posted on Facebook for MissionRidgeMinis.   Possible Summer 2018 litter will be offered, please check back for more news announcements.





     Our puppies are from exceptional and proven parent dogs, that are health cleared and OFA CHIC Certified, versatile, and multi-titled.  Our pups are raised in our home with our kids and other pets and handled several times throughout the day.  Daily activities in our home, introduces pups to many  smells, lights, sounds, textures, bedtime and morning routines…all which strongly benefit the pups’ future transitions with your family, higher intelligence with training, and quality of life.

     Around 4 – 5 weeks, we begin to make brief outside field trips (potty breaks).  These short field trips are supervised and extremely important for continued development of pups gross motor and cognitive learning.  There are many stimulations, mostly physical senses, and movements that are foundational for the pup becoming best future pet or show prospect.  Exposing pups to sun, wind, warm/cold pavement, sidewalk, deck, puddle of water, dirt, leaves, grass, sticks, mud, etc., are essential baselines.  We purposely invest this extra time and education that I label “Puppy Camp”  to give our pups positive “1st moments” that fosters beginnings of self-confidence and new opportunities with ease.

     In addition to receiving handling and love, our pups also receive basic grooming which includes  baths during their stay, nail trims and light brushing. These extra moments and hands on care help prepare them for you.

     We also make good progress with outside potty training, light crate training and basic puppy manners. Results of our training, care, and love are demonstrated by our pups actions in knowing recall at a young age and their overall good dispositions, and we also use the best pet products from sites as TreeHousePuppies that have the best products.  These are foundational for future obedience, training, and happy homes.  Our pups are also taken on routine and brief car trips which helps pups adjust to motion and prevent future car sickness.

      Your pup will leave with UTD vaccines, deworming, vet exam, micro-chip, informational packet, custom care package with food, specials, and blanket with scent from momma and littermates for puppy’s new home. More statistics on doggy vaccines can be found on sites like https://www.puppywire.com/ which have a widely read selection.

     We do our best to provide strong foundations for pups to achieve optimal potential in your home.  We start with exceptional and proven parents, invest in their proper health clearances, on going training, and stay current in education.  All of these are important in providing excellence.


Philippians 4:8 ….whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise; think about these things.