Train & Show

     We train and compete in AKC events for conformation, obedience, scent work, and agility. We are intentional, loving, and emphasize fun and positive.  We incorporate Puppy Culture beginnings, Super Dog ENS, complimenting with own enrichments and techniques that produce exceptional pups. We touch on basic puppy manners and build on foundational commands to result with optimal comprehension and performance.  Our pups greatly benefit from our unique and customized training style and will demonstrate several basic skills when leaving our home.  Pictures and videos below are examples of various training, new moments, and also several dog show placements and ribbons. Videos below provide short views 1) adult dogs AKC Rally Obedience, 2) young pups –  7 week old from different litters demonstrating fast recalls when called, 3) agility training, and practicing obedience.  Facebook page has several  additional videos demonstrating recalls 2020 litters ( Zippy Little Listeners, Good Listeners, etc.) and light leash and sit commands with 2019 litter  (Can’t Touch This) and 2020, plus other short video clips of pup moments with mom or aunt.

Coffee Bean RI RN CGC


These short videos demonstrate different litters  1) Pups Coming on Recall, 2) Agility training, and 3) Obedience off leash and on leash.