Gorgeous pups arrived in April 2022.  Please contact me for additional information about possible available pups or future planned litters. Limited deposits considered. Our pups are evaluated for structure and disposition through out their development.  Pups will be ready for new homes after 8 weeks – June 4, 2022.

                         Parent dogs are health cleared, proven, multi-titled dual Grand Champions for Conformation, Rally, Obedience, Agility, Herd Instinct, and CGC.  Health clearances with best results, normal/clear, and are also certified CHIC Program dogs with OFA.   Updates and news also posted on Facebook for MissionRidgeMinis.  Follow us for regular updates.  https://www.facebook.com/Mission-Ridge-Minis-316720621705817/

          FB page offers videos of our program and specifically, 2020 pup “Good Listeners Coming Quickly” quick calling/response demonstration and video from 2019 pups “Can’t Touch This” is a short demonstration of our program results. In pups final days with us, we introduce very light, positive, beginning obedience and demonstrating very light leash and sitting results. The second pup is off leash and clearly demonstrating same desire to please, intelligence, and also being trained in different method.

      Inquiries about 2022 Pup Possibilities can be made by phone, FB messenger,  or email Juliekramer@peoplepc.com Julie Kramer – 1 Thessalonians 5:17


May 14, 2022 – Pups turned 5 weeks and Let the Games Begin!  Learning hop to jump, run, attack, and explore larger areas.  Colors are beginning to shine and making us laugh with their antics. Pups playing with each other, toys, crawling up onto our laps trying to give us kisses.  Starting to explore outdoors with  sunny days in Kansas.  Trips outside continue to be short field trips, but still allowing pups to discover more many new sights, sounds, smells, and textures. Pups continue to take several naps and learning bathroom beginnings.  They are very content and easy to love to pieces!  


Parent dogs and introduction to newborn pups.  Pics and updates with weekly growth below. 

Growing pups turning 3 weeks.  Opened eyes and ears this week allows pups to move and go. Pups learned to stand, sit, steps and walking, and more excitement to greet me/us. Pups can crawl up into laps, trying to copy momma dog, licking her food bowl, and beginning to play.  These pups are stunning and offer remarkable colors, gorgeous tan/copper highlights and symmetrical markings.  Pups are mostly quiet and very content bunch of adorables.  

Pups pictured below when 12 days old, April 11, 2022, eyes still closed, standing/moving short distances, mostly crawling using scent to find mom or each other. 


Posted below are pic and short video examples of past litter in 2020.  The development and progress of weekly stages of my program in socialization, early training, and puppy culture techniques blended with variety of positive experiences.  

     Our pups final week is packed with vet appt, vaccine booster, lots of van travels, hands on puppy evaluations, increased outside potty and play times, new toys and more new positive experiences, continued baseline training for recalling, positive puppy manners, and light intro to walking on leashes.  Pups have been raised in our home, planned, using Puppy Culture combined with Super Dog ENS and my own enrichments. These intentional techniques and enrichments bless pups with future optimal life – physically and emotionally, because the techniques nuture improved cardio performance, adrenal gland strength, ability to transition quicker (tolerance to stress), and improves resistances to diseases.  

     Pups have also learn introductions to short stay in wire crates, bathing, having experienced several baths, light grooming, weekly manis/pedis on nails, handled and loved during their stay, and countless new learning moments. By 8 weeks, they are race car speedy, leaping, and jumping while playing. Pups know how to exit our home and race from several rooms to front door for outside potty and free play. Pups are friendly, curious, trusting, intelligent, beautiful and much loved!

     Pups have had a blast with tunnels – longer green tunnel and short red tunnel and gain confidence with slight elevations with agility walk on board and paws on rubber circus bowls. Pups play and tussle, greet us eagerly, trying to climb legs or crawl into laps, and offer lots of puppy licks and kisses.  Pups outside journeys keep expanding on their sensory developments – smell/sight/hearing/touch/taste. These pups are a really nice bunch – litter! I am blessed to watch their development and progress.   11/22/2020

Short video of pups recalling at 7.5 weeks

Six Little Thankfuls at 8 weeks and blessed to have amazing new homes.    

Final days for pups, 8 weeks, preparing for new homes. Momma Coffee Bean loving on her pups; kisses, hugs, and whispers.  All pups demonstrate great speed, listening, focus, and lots of puppy kisses, when recalling them. This is an excellent life skill to imprint that will benefit pups and families for years!

Six Little Thankfuls at 7 weeks below

Six Little Thankfuls at 6 weeks below, exploring outdoor fun

Pups below turn 5 weeks

Here are extra pics at 5 weeks of pups playing, learning about their environment, starting to run, jump, carry toys, chew, pull, and then more naps.

Six Little Thankfuls below 4 weeks and earlier.  Pics provide peeks at pups development, our consistent love and care of these new fur babes!

Pic below is pups 1st moments of tasting softened food and their power nap once filled!


Thankful Pups at 2 weeks below


Spa Day Manis & Pedis pics below show the girls at 2 weeks old. They will be movers and shakers as they blossom into exceptional beauties!


     Ultrasound picture in March 2020 showing expected fur babies! 

     Our puppies are from exceptional and proven parent dogs, that are health cleared and OFA’d, CHIC Certified, versatile, and multi-titled.  Our pups are raised in our home with our family with Puppy Culture beginnings from birth complimented with enrichments and own techniques. Daily activities in our home introduces pups to many smells, lights, sounds, textures, bedtime and morning routines…all which strongly benefit the pups’ future transitions with your family, higher intelligence with training, and quality of life.

     Around 4 – 5 weeks, we begin to make brief outside field trips (potty breaks).  These short field trips are supervised and extremely important for continued development of pups gross motor and cognitive learning.  There are many stimulations, physical senses and emotional, physical movements that are foundational for the pup becoming best future fur friend pet or show/performance prospect.  Exposing pups to sun, wind, textures from warm/cold pavement, patio, deck, puddle of water, dirt, leaves, grass, rocks, flowers, scents/smells etc., are essential baselines.  We purposely invest this extra time and education in our “Puppy Camp” that create positive “1st moments” that fosters strong beginnings of self-confidence and new opportunities with ease.

     Our pups receive basic grooming during their stay at MissionRidgeMinis which includes baths, nail trims, and light brushing. These extra moments, emphasis on details, hands on care, and experiences help prepare them for best futures.

     We make strong progress with started housebreaking training, light crate training and basic puppy manners. We also do light introduction with leash and collars in the final stages of “Puppy Camp.”  Our efforts are intentional, positive, and fun! Results of our training, care, and love are demonstrated by our pups actions in knowing recall at a young age and their overall sweet dispositions. These are foundational for future obedience, training, and happy homes.  Our pups additionally have opportunities for brief car trips which helps pups adjust to motion and prevent future car sickness.

          We do our best to provide strong foundations and extra emphasis on details allow pups to achieve optimal potential in your home.  We start with exceptional and proven parents, invest in their proper health clearances, on going training, and stay current in education.  All of these details are important in providing excellence.  

     Please contact me to learn more about pup possibilities.  Be blessed, be healthy, and be hopeful! Julie Kramer  2 Corinthians 9:8


     Pups from Christmas 2017, about 5 weeks old, enjoying outdoor fresh air and supervised freedom.  



Psalm 20:4   May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.